Aurora safari to Aurora camp

Total silence. Total darkness. No light pollution 


When hunting the aurora borealis, these conditions are cruicial. We provide you with just that - optimal conditions for the perfect northern lights experience. 

At the end of the lake, among reindeer, moose and beautiful nature you will encounter a sense of calmness you've never had before. When the campfire bursts in the heated tipi, and the coffee is boiling on the campfire; life doesn't get better than this. 


In these areas the Vikings anchored their warships so the stories are many and exciting. And if you're lucky, the Northern Lights will shine brightly above you on the cold Arctic starry sky. When the snow is on the ground, we drive a snowmobile to the camp. Maybe you want to try driving yourself?



Adult NOK 945,- Children (age 4-12) NOK 425,- .

Included: Snowmobile transport, guide, thermal suit, helmet, warm drinks, campfire, heated lavvo and snacks.

How to get here

  • Fly to Evenes Airport

  • Rent a car (40 minute drive from airport)

  • 1.5 hour drive from Narvik City

  • 1 hour drive from Harstad City

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Phone: +47 47 44 61 62

About us

 Frank, nature lover who sold apartment in the city and moved to Myklebostad. Today i live on a small farm, and invite you to come visit!