How to get here

  • Fly to Evenes Airport

  • Rent a car (40 minute drive from airport)

  • 1.5 hour drive from Narvik City

  • 1 hour drive from Harstad City

Get in touch


Phone: +47 47 44 61 62

Visit Narvik

​We are proud members of Visit Narvik

About us

We are Frank and Tone, two nature lovers who sold our city apartment and moved to Myklebostad. Today we live on our small farm, and we invite you to come visit!


Whether you are an aspiring photographer or just want superior pictures for your instagram, this is the tour for you. 

At Myklebostad, there are endless breathtaking photo motifs. We know every place that looks good on camera, and we will bring you to them. We can walk, drive or use the snowmobile. It is up to you. 


Adult NOK 450, children NOK 250.

Includes transportation and a guide.