Aurora Rib safari

still exciting things are happening.

These days we are in the beginning of an exciting cooperation project with Lødingen based company SEARAFTING NORTH with the startup point from Myklebostad. We wish to offer incredible exciting experiences and adventures based on a combination of fjord, sea and nature where we will offer fantastic tours around the region with Ribbåt, sea eagle safaris, fjordsafari, ribcharter to Norway's national mountain Stetind, , Aurora spotting on the fjord with Rib . Most of the safaris ends in MYKLEBOSTAD ADVENTURE'S Helligtind Tentipi Camp, where good local food is served from our own farm and social well-being. Winter time, Rib and Snowmobile safari will be a brilliant combination on the ultimate experience package. It will also be fully customizable with you as guests, an experience package according to your own wishes. Just contact us for a

nice chat.

Prices and the different package solutions will come in afterwards.


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  • Rent a car (40 minute drive from airport)

  • 1.5 hour drive from Narvik City

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 Frank, nature lover who sold apartment in the city and moved to Myklebostad. Today i live on a small farm, and invite you to come visit!