Miss Aurora,I do what I can to give you your best experience ever but shes a very difficult lady

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

Seeing the Northern Lights is the dream for many people, saving money half their lives to travel to Norway to meet Miss Aurora, but she is a difficult lady! VERY! (sometimes she's a bitch :)The sun's activities, temperatures and weather must be best friends for the ultimate Northern Lights experience. But we see ther almost weekly so just contact us

I do what I can to give you your best experience ever but the weather. Check the link for Northern Lights HERE and feel free to contact me and I will arrange your Arctic visit here in Northern Norway and hopefully give you the best experience of your life


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How to get here

  • Fly to Evenes Airport

  • Rent a car (40 minute drive from airport)

  • 1.5 hour drive from Narvik City

  • 1 hour drive from Harstad City

Visit Narvik

​We are proud members of Visit Narvik

Get in touch

​Email: miklebostad@hotmail.com

Phone: +47 47 44 61 62

About us

We are Frank and Tone, two nature lovers who sold our city apartment and moved to Myklebostad. Today we live on our small farm, and we invite you to come visit!