all-in-one hammock tent

Do you like nature? Do you like to go hiking? Do you like to explore? Do you want to try to live in nature
A better hotel room than this is hard to find. We show you various lovely places where you can create your own hotel room with hammock and campsite. Make a campfire, make coffee and food on the fire, enjoy the silence and the view. Whether you want to spend the night in the woods or in the mountains, that choice is yours! If you want an open hammock or hammock with a roof, that choice is yours.


NOK 450,- 1 night, (per person)

NOK 250,- per night more than one 

season from june - sept

incl in price: cookware, cutlery, gas stove for cooking, all in one hammock tents, the world's largest hotel room

How to get here

  • Fly to Evenes Airport

  • Rent a car (40 minute drive from airport)

  • 1.5 hour drive from Narvik City

  • 1 hour drive from Harstad City

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Phone: +47 47 44 61 62

About us

 Frank, nature lover who sold apartment in the city and moved to Myklebostad. Today i live on a small farm, and invite you to come visit!